Discussion on the energy transition of the Silesian Voivodeship and conclusion of an international project. On Wednesday 14 June, the Central Mining Institute hosted the concluding workshop of the POTENTIALS project with the participation of SRK S.A.

The event was held under the motto ‘Synergistic potential of decommissioned coal mines, coal-fired power plants and related industries: supporting the update of territorial plans for equitable transformation’. The first point of the workshop was an introductory presentation by, among others, Dr Andrzej Chmiela – Director of the Technological Innovation Office of the Mine Restructuring Company S.A. on practical examples of the use of areas left after decommissioned mines. In the next part, a panel discussion was held under the motto ‘Experiences from transformation activities – challenges, opportunities and courses of action’.

The POTENTIALS project is an international undertaking carried out by a consortium of units from Poland, Germany, Spain and Greece, funded by the RFCS Coal and Steel Research Fund. The main objective of the activities was to identify and assess the opportunities related to the use of the potential of decommissioned coal mines and connected coal-fired power plants to stimulate new economic activity and job creation, especially in relation to mining regions in transition. The analysis carried out as part of the project explored business models that are based on the development of renewable energy, closed-loop economy and energy storage technologies.

The Eco-Industrial Park model with a virtual power plant was identified as the most desirable. It is to be developed within the framework of combined decommissioned coal mines and coal-fired power plants with surrounding residential/industrial areas. The overarching goal of the Eco-park is the sustainable generation of renewable energy and the use of energy storage technologies, the circular economy and the coupling of sectors to reduce waste and pollution by promoting short-distance transport and optimising material, resource and energy flows in the park, producing the goods needed for the energy and economic transformation process of Europe’s coal regions.

POTENTIALS Project final workshop showcased in the SRK S.A. webpage (Polish Company for the Restructuring of Mines) under the title “Future of Post-industrial Regions”