Do we have ideas for transforming closed coal mines or run-down power stations? These are essential for us in planning the functioning of the economy when we will no longer use coal to generate electricity. The Central Mining Institute summarised the results of a project entitled POTENTIALS. It referred specifically to decommissioned coal mines, coal-fired power plants and related industries.

“It was a project in which we wanted to give a conceptual range of solutions. We are talking about scenarios that can be used by any decision-maker in a way that they adapt to their specific conditions. We have had a number of very interesting discussions behind us, opening up the field to broader considerations of what the possibilities are, and which of them are viable, for a given solution to be successfully applied in a given area” emphasised Alicja Krzemień, Ph.D., from the Central Mining Institute, project manager.

POTENTIALS Project final workshop presented in the “Economy and People”